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This We Have Now


This We Have Now
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THIS WE HAVE NOW is a short film by Branco Grabovac after the Rumi poem of the same name.  This project was a collaboration with myself and Branco exploring the theme of gratitude and how we come to experience its grace often out of suffering. THIS WE HAVE NOW won silver in the experimental category at the Australian Cinematography Society awards for Victoria and Tasmania in 2020. 


This we have now

is not imagination.

This is not

grief or joy.

Not a judging state,

or an elation,

or sadness.

Those come and go.

This is the presence that doesn't.

                                                - Rumi


Cast: Cecilia Low & Cameron Zayec

Writer/Director: Branco Grabovac

Poem by: Rumi

Cinematography: Branco Grabovac


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