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They Say She's different

They Say She's Different Trailer

They Say She's Different Trailer

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Written, produced, and starring Cecilia Low They Say She's Different is Cinematic Immersive Theatre of the highest order!

Through the mediums of film, theatre, and music, the mysterious and often misunderstood life of funk rock diva Betty Davis is created. Briefly married to Miles Davis, friends with Jimi Hendrix, and jamming with Sly and The Family Stone, Betty was the genuine reflection of a raw scene that ultimately would not support her.     


They Say She's Different is about kinship and its loss, of choices, mistakes, and of death. It is about a society’s right to change attitudes towards women, music, sex, life.  It is about being heard and having a good time despite it all!


Blurring the lines between a live music gig and a theatrical experience They Say She’s Different challenges the way you experience theatre.  

Prepare your senses to be deeply immersed in the explosive, hard hitting times of the early 70's. 

It's edgy, it's gritty, it's loud and dirty. It's fun and funky. This is the sound of music changing. 

For further information please visit They Say She's Different

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